Best Types of Trees to Plant for Your Yard January 17, 2012

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A lot of home owners want to know the best types of trees to plant in their yard to have wonderful shades. There are a lot of factors that should be taken care of. The purpose of planting the tree, the soil condition is also a big factor, wherein planting the right tree on its right place is the first rule for it to grow fast. Trees should be given enough space to grow and take away those unnecessary plants of other kinds that may grow on top of the ground that could be a threat on taking nutrients on the ground which is supposedly for the tree only to support its growth.

Home buyers almost always choose houses with trees over those that don’t. There are many benefits for planting trees. Since trees add up beauty, boundary lines and color of your yard. There are still a lot of reasons why trees are important to have in our backyards it certainly provides shade, cooling, soundproofing, and wildlife habitats for birds, animals, and insects. Planting the right trees can contribute to attracting birds to your yard, hearing the melodic songs of birds can enhance your mood.

Best Types of Trees to Plant According to Seasons

There are many different best types of trees to plant that can be planted in the home garden. You can choose the right ones depending on your purpose and desire. It is crucial to plant these trees at the right time so that they grow properly as different types of trees have different requirements. There is absolutely the right and the best season for planting trees.

Fall can actually be one of the best seasons for planting trees because summer months are so drier. Trees planted during the fall have a great advantage. In fact timely tree planting during the fall can grow up faster than other seasons. By planting during the fall, the climate is medium temperate, not too hot nor too cold. As well as with the fall months the soil is normally wet.

Best Types of Trees to Plant According To Their Features and Characteristics

The best types of trees to plant look at the climate that will favor it according to its characteristics. These trees will grow fast if not planted too close to the house. Be sure you know how tall and full they will get before you place them. Trees take time to mature but once they have grown, they serve many purposes in the garden. Depending on the kind of trees you are planting, they can provide you with fruits, edible nuts, shade and shelter.

Deciduous trees are the ones lose its green color at a certain time in season. Evergreen trees where its leaves are always green despite the climatic condition of the season. A conifer tree which leaves is needle like and are evergreen but bear cones. Flowering trees produce flowers which create pleasing scenery from the different colors of flowers. Oak trees are hard wood trees and have clustered flowers. They grow in wet or high low lands on mountain slopes. Ash trees consist of seventy different types of species and are mostly valued for timber and appear in early spring. They produce single fruits called samaras and have long petals and produce sweet gum. Big trees are those that grow up to a height of forty feet and provide shelter or protection. Willow trees grow in moist areas like river banks and grow very fast. Their leaves provide food for wild animals while others are used in making ornaments. Its wood is also used for different purposes. Shade trees are commonly known to provide shade and protection from direct sunlight. They have big leaves and many branches that are close to each other which enable the trees provide a good shade. Olive trees are known for their sweet fruits and wood. They have white flowers and have a small green fruit that turns blue or purple when ripe.

After deciding on what are the best types of trees to plant, be sure you know how big and wide they will grow so that you can put them in the right place in your backyard.


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